Coffee Machine Finance

How do I Apply?
Complete our online application form with some basic details and one of our friendly staff members will call you within one hour.  Call for an over the phone quote and pre-approval07 5530 8930 or 1300 788 033 

Where are the funds sourced from?

Being affiliated with the QPF Finance Group we have access to all possible sources of finance across 28 lenders. Being affiliated with over 28 financiers ensures we can offer the best rates and chances of approval. Click here to see our panel of lenders.


Who is eligible for finance?

In short, anyone with an ABN number! 
You don't need financials or any proof of income in most cases. If you have been trading for 2yrs and have no major defaults you will likely be approved instantly. If you are a non home owner and want to borrow more than $20,000 you will need to either pay a deposit or show some kind of proof of income.
If you have been trading for 2yrs, are a home owner and have clear credit you can access up to $150,000 without proof of income.

Why finance with us?

We specialise in coffee machine finance and understand the hospitality industry. We are well established, trusted in the industry and have clients nationwide. Finance your next coffee machine with us and experience our fast and easy process. If you need coffee machine finance urgently we can arrange finance in the same day.